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Mixed Over 100 Party Bag Fillers Toys Bundle for Kids With 24 Party Bags - Crayons, Bubbles, Bouncy Balls, Stretchy Men, Activity Books, Duck Whistle, Gliders and more for Children - Boys and Girls

  • Party bag fillers: Our party bag fillers selection is made with most popular high quality fun and educational toys which can be used to make party bags for birthday, wedding, or any party. These party toys are suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Toys Included: This selection includes 10 different types of toys which are Crayons, Touch Bubbles, Bouncy Balls, A6 Activity Books, Mini Smiley Stretchy men, Duck Whistle, Mini Paddle Drum, Flying Gliders, Maze Puzzle and Mini slinky.
  • Party bags: This selection also includes 24 smiley party bags which means no more searching for bags and separately paying for these. You only need this bundle to create party bags.
  • No small rubbish toys to add the count: This assortment does not have fragile small rubbish toys which go straight in the bin. All the toys are sourced from UK and all of them have CE stickers on where required.
  • 5 toys are enough for bag: You only need a mix selection of 5 or less toys to give a fuller effect to bag, unlike other selections available, where even 10 toys would not give that feel to the bag. You can easily make around 20 bags with this selection.

Have you visited many shops and done many trips to look for the good quality party bags and filler toys? Did it take longer than you planned to have everything you wanted?

Suitable for any party: Whether you are arranging a birthday party, a school party, a wedding party or any other party, we know that you want to surprise the kids so they can feel themselves involved in these happy moments.

Created by fivestarshop: we have made a high quality most popular party toys bundle including the party bags so you don’t have to make multiple trips.

There is no cheap rubbish in this bundle: Normally in the bundles some sellers add some cheap rubbish toys with good ones to increase the number of toys.

Sourced from UK: All our toys are sourced from UK and have all the required safety warning and CE stickers.

So what is included?  

over 100 party bag fillers toys, enough to make around 20 bags, see bundle idea below. There are 10 types of toys in the bundle which are

  • Crayons
  • Mini touch bubbles
  • Bouncy balls
  • Smiley stretchy men
  • Flying gliders
  • Activity books – A6
  • Duck whistles
  • Mini slinky springs
  • Maze puzzle
  • Mini paddle drum

To make it even more convenient for you we have also included in demand smiley faced 24 party bags.

Bundle Idea: add around 4 -6 items per party bag, any combination, see below an example for guide:

1: A Glider + Bouncy Ball + Maze Puzzle + Activity Book + Stretchy Man + you can add a Sweet, not included in this bundle.

2: Slinky spring + Crayons + Drum + Bubbles + Duck Whistle + you can add a Sweet, not included in this bundle.