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Theo Klein 9090 Miele Kitchen Petit Gourmet, Toy, Multi-Colored

  • Made in Germany
  • Product with the Miele license
  • The integrated soundmodul of the kitchen stove produce a sound which represent the sound of cooking
  • The kitchen is playable from 2 sides, so oven, dishwasher and sink can both be used perfectly
  • Supplied with many accessories like: Pan and Pot, kitchen tools and much more

Product Description

Miele 'Petit Gourmet' Kitchen set. Two-sided, with electronic cooking sound and various accessories, including: plates, utensils, saucepan and frying pan.

Safety Warning

WARNING! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER THREE YEARS. Contains small parts and/or small parts that can be torn off and may, for example. Be swallowed. Choking hazard. Please keep the supplied address and information.

Box Contains